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Since 1997, ath Power has conducted hundreds of thousands of audits and surveys on the customer experience of North America’s financial services organizations.  From that field work, we have developed a strong acumen of what works and where the gaps are in the industry, thus establishing a set of customer experience norms.  Using that foundation of knowledge in tandem with our ongoing research, we are able to measure consumer behavior and deliver comprehensive reports on key areas within the financial service marketplace.  These reports reveal timely, detailed findings on how banks have been performing in those key areas, and they provide the strategic insight needed to make the most informed decisions necessary to achieve your business goals.

ath-power-heading-imageThe ath Power Consumer Digital Banking Study™

The ath Power Consumer Digital Banking Study™ is conducted to understand the wants, needs, and behaviors of today’s digital banking users, and to assess the customer experience environment associated with online and mobile variants of digital banking solutions.   The study also reveals details on the features that most greatly boost customer experience, satisfaction, and engagement, which can be a primary differentiator for today’s financial institutions. 

Another key goal of the study is to understand how banking institutions can increase overall usage and adoption of their digital solutions by being better aware of customer’s current and future interests.  Through survey research, this study examines the interest, intention, and user experience when using various digital banking and payments features.  This report also unveils customer loyalty, usage, and attrition patterns, interest in advanced digital features, and reveals the key drivers and enablers for an outstanding customer experience and increased customer engagement.  

The study also identifies areas that, while important, do not resonate as strongly with today’s banking customers. Insights and recommendations in the study will help financial institutions determine how best to build and expand digital capabilities, determine which digital banking strategies are best for banking customers, and which investments in time, money, and effort will yield the greatest return in both revenues and customer satisfaction.

Through this report, discover:

  • Limitations that are discouraging some customers from adopting or using digital banking;
  • Next generation capabilities, such as online account opening, digital wallets and payments, budgeting and financial planning tools, and newer ways to access and be presented information that are poised to help financial institutions drive client adoption and usage;
  • Self-serve options that can improve the customer experience while reducing costs;
  • What consumers are willing to pay for digital banking;
  • What institutions need to be thinking about when evaluating online and mobile investments and functionality as the convergence toward digital banking continues to grow;
  • How to leverage digital banking for greater customer loyalty, retention, and engagement.

ath-power-heading-imageThe ath Power Small Business Banking Study™

The ath Power Small Business Banking Study™ is a one-of-a-kind detailed assessment of the sales and service processes, product and service offerings, delivery methods and customer experiences of the nation’s premier institutions within the Small Business banking target market.  Each year, ath Power conducts extensive audits on the Small Business Banking efforts at banks across the United States to determine how they are performing within this crucial market segment and what needs to be done to deliver the customer experiences that will ultimately increase acquisition, improve retention and drive revenue.  Findings are segmented by Bank, Region and Small Business Revenue Size. A comparative view of previous studies is also presented to trend consumer behavior year-to-year.

In this report, you will:

  • Discover what Small Business customers expect from their banking relationship and which banks are scoring the highest/lowest in each area of customer experience;
  • Find out what gaps in the service experience would deter a potential customer from bringing their business to a bank;
  • Learn how individual banks are performing within the competitive landscape of small business banking compared to previous years;
  • Obtain valuable information to use to target strategic sales and service initiatives to grow your Small Business Banking revenue, improve retention rates and increase profitability; and
  • Gain the strategic insight needed to achieve a dominant position in the highly profitable Small Business Banking market.

ath-power-heading-imageThe ath Power Ideal Banking Study™

The-6th-Edition-ath-Power-Ideal-Banking-Study-New-Thumbnail-SmallThe ath power Ideal Banking Study™ was formulated to determine what elements make up the “ideal banking experience” for consumers, and to uncover the impediments of producing such an experience.  In this annual study, retail banking consumers from across the nation responded to ath Power’s online survey, and through this evaluation, consumers assessed their current primary bank on an array of dimensions, including customer service, product offerings, loyalty programs, cross-sell attempts and problem resolution dynamics.  They also provided information regarding their banking behaviors such as frequency of branch visits and online banking usage. This report provides accurate competitive intelligence on the current consumer banking market and reveals the most important elements in banking relationships today. It also offers actionable insight on how financial institutions can take advantage of their current market differentiation, as well as identify additional areas of focus to consider.

In this report, you will:

  • Find out which factors are the most important to consumers when choosing a banking relationship;
  • Discover the most sought after sales and service processes, product and service offerings, delivery mediums and customer experiences as revealed by today’s banking customers;
  • Discover what defining elements of a high-level customer experience are still missing at most banking institutions;
  • Learn how some individual banks are performing within the competitive landscape of retail banking compared to previous years; and
  • Gain the strategic insight needed to attract more customers, retain existing customers, and develop long-term, profitable retail banking relationships.

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