The ath Power Mobile Banking Study™


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The ath Power Mobile Banking Study™ was conducted to understand the wants, needs and customer experience environment associated with mobile banking as well as to understand how banking institutions can increase overall usage and adoption of their mobile offerings. Through a combination of survey research and actual usage audits of mobile applications, this study examines the utilization of multiple banking channels to understand what tools and features mobile will need to become the optimal choice for all banking activities. This report also unveils important differences across customer segments relative to choice of bank, customer loyalty and usage patterns, and reveals the key drivers and enablers for those user segments.


In this year’s edition, 3,201 Mobile Banking Customers responded to an online survey that set out to determine what factors make up an “ideal mobile banking experience” for consumers, and to uncover the impediments to producing such an experience. Through this evaluation, consumers and business owners provided information about their current banking behaviors, the features and functionality they value or would like to see added, and an assessment of their current mobile banking experience on an array of dimensions including ease-of-use, satisfaction and problem resolution.

Additionally, 223 current mobile banking users were asked to login to their mobile banking applications to seek out certain features and perform specific tasks. They provided detailed feedback on their direct user experience, and their reactions to the various functions – checking balances, transferring funds, locating branches, etc. Among dimensions evaluated and commented upon for each task were the visual appeal, readability, navigation, and speed.

Institutions Evaluated

More than 380 banks and credit unions were represented within the bank survey research portion of The ath Power Mobile Banking Study™ and more than 35 institutions were represented in the mobile app audit section.

Through this report, discover:

  • What consumers and small business owners are willing to pay for mobile banking;
  • Limitations that are discouraging some customers from adopting or using mobile banking;
  • Next generation capabilities, such as voice recognition, that are poised to help financial institutions drive client adoption and usage;
  • Self-serve options that, if available through mobile, would improve customer experience while reducing costs;
  • What institutions need to be thinking about, as tablet adoption by consumers continues to grow; and
  • How to leverage mobile banking for greater customer loyalty and retention.

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