Yes! ath Power Does That…

Recent conversations with clients have revealed that ath Power scores a C- for cross sell of services!

Our training department is mortified! Some clients didn’t know there was a training department!

We are looking forward to increasing our score to an A+ by sharing a series of informative dialogue on all of the solutions we have to assist clients in drastically improving their edge in the marketplace.

Think of ath Power Consulting as a massive umbrella that opens with the strength of three key prongs:

Each one of these supports our clients by offering solutions tailored to their unique challenges and goals. If you have only experienced the powerful changes just one of these solutions offers, it’s time to take a look at how the other two could boost your business even further. If you have yet to experience the power of ath Power solutions… stayed tuned for insights and offers on how we can help your business move from surviving to thriving!


Instead of guessing, try assessing! How do you know where your business stands in the market place?  How do you know what your competition is doing?  How do your employees feel about working with your company? Gaining the answers to these critical questions starts with ASSESSING where you and most importantly where you want to be.

Social Media Monitoring

By carefully collecting and examining your company’s social media presence, including ratings, reviews, and online feedback, we determine how best to polish your brand reputation, according to data pulled from our industry-leading, online platform.

Why does social media monitoring matter for your business?

Consider the latest research about consumer behavior with respect to online reviews:

If you’re not using social media monitoring as part of your business management, contact us to assess and regain control of your brand reputation.

Get special access to Lynn Saladini’s social media monitoring presentation on how social media scraping can save your business reputation.

Employee Engagement Satisfaction Surveying

Do you know if your employees are happy working for you? Employee Engagement Surveying is designed to find out by measuring certain factors that impact employee engagement, such as the following:






Do Employee Engagement Surveys really matter?

We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves here. According to a Gallup poll, unhappy employees can cost a business between $450 – $550 billion annuallyWhen you’re ready to invest in Employee Engagement Surveying in support of your workforce and bottom line, contact us to get started!

User Experience Research

Consider this service the story of your customer’s life cycle with your company. By relying on our extensive experience surveying a diverse range of customer profiles from various verticals, we assess your customer’s experience from acquisition to relationship building and retention.

What tools do we rely on to conduct User Experience Research?

Any and all of the following:

  • Account Open Surveys
  • Account Closed Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Customer Intercept Surveys
  • Post-Transaction Surveys
  • Mortgage/Home Equity Closed Loan Surveys
  • Mortgage/Home Equity Non-Converted Applicant Surveys
  • Competitive Benchmarks
  • Internal Evaluations
  • Employee Engagement Surveys

By assessing the experience and perception your customers have about your brand, we empower you to better respond and anticipate their needs. Ready to get started?

Contact us for an in-depth assessment of your customer population with our User Experience Research.

Mystery Shopping

The value of mystery shopping comes from seeing your company from the perspective of your customers. By stepping into their shoes, you can evaluate their experience in-person, online, over the phone or on an app. Mystery shopping reveals the quality of your team’s sales and service against your stated standards, regarding brand, compliance, product, sales, and service. Our mystery shopping service can even provide insight into your competitors’ performance.

Why should you consider Mystery Shopping for your brand?

Mystery shopping is a critical assessment tool when you need to:

  • Determine customer experience with your products, services, and brand
  • Identify gaps where training is needed
  • Examine your relationship with your customers
  • Gather unbiased data points
  • Measure compliance with brand standards and government regulations
  • Support a promotional program or new product or service
  • Analyze competitors
  • Evaluate staff sales, service, and engagement skills
  • Ensure correct product placement
  • Track experience from online purchase to delivery and return

Learn more about your brand — and your competitors — by enlisting the expertise of ath Power’s Mystery Shopping services. Contact us to get started!