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Will technology provide the shot in the arm that megabanks need to catch up with community banks in customer service? A new survey suggests that might be the case. The largest banks improved their customer service at

If you thought depositing checks into your bank account would never be anything other than a mundane but mandatory chore, perhaps you haven’t heard of the bank-check selfie, more formally known among bankers as "remote deposit capture".

Among American companies, more than 99 percent constitute small or midsize businesses (SMBs) with fewer than 500 employees, according to the US Census Bureau. Though organizations like the Small Business Administration often herald SMBs as laboratories for

It’s obviously inevitable that the dawn of a new year will produce a rash of predictions for the months ahead. It’s also obvious that many of these prognostications focus on mobile banking — after all, that’s where

To transition their frontline employees from handling transactions to providing financial advice, banks need to train them to first become brand ambassadors. It’s become conventional wisdom in the banking industry to say that the “branch of the

Community banks and credit unions are well-positioned to gain market share from their larger counterparts in today’s turbulent economy. Based on ath Power research findings, customers at community banks and credit unions still have the highest banking

Turning an indifferent small business prospect into a new and satisfied client requires several key best practices, such as being clear about your value proposition. Banks across the nation continue to robustly target the small business customer

Banks have an opportunity to strengthen consumer relationships through rewards programs that are relevant to their customers. This is particularly important because as many as 20% of banking consumers say there is a high likelihood that they