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Since 1997, ath Power Consulting has conducted hundreds of thousands of audits and surveys on the customer experience of North America’s leading brands, agencies, and organizations. From that field work, we have developed a strong acumen of what works and where the gaps are in the industries we serve, thus establishing a set of customer experience norms.  The reports found here are based on those findings.

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ath-power-heading-imageCall Center Benchmark Study

This study was conducted in the partnership with the Northeast Contact Center Forum (NECCF) to investigate how consumers feel overall about their call center experiences. This research explored: consumer priorities and preferences on being assisted, what methods are being used, and how technology is affecting call center operations. This research is the first part of an ongoing benchmark study that will continue to evaluate the performance, operation, and practices of call centers.

Through this report, discover:

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  • Current Call Center satisfaction rates
  • Consumer priorities for Call Center experiences
  • Insights on the “Ideal Call Center” experience
  • Current consumer frustrations
  • New technology adoptions and recommendations


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