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Gain market strategies and accurate knowledge of competing banks and institutions.

Actionable Bank Competitive Intelligence

Accurate knowledge of what competing banks & institutions are doing in your market provides the foundation block for continuous growth and increased profits, and is critically important to maintaining and building customer relationships.

ath Power provides customized research initiatives for financial institutions across all spectrums of market strategy and performance, operational compliance and competitive intelligence.  The business intelligence resulting from our customized CI programs provides our clients with a clear understanding of business processes and competitor protocols, empowering them to anticipate and strategically plan for pertinent market dynamics.

Our Bank Competitive Intelligence programs analyze a variety of dimensions within competitor structures and market environments to assure effective planning and business strategies.  We provide our clients strategic intelligence including market competitors’ current and future strategies and capabilities, as well as tactical intelligence on operational issues; from sales, service and pricing policies to technology and product differentiation.

ath Power will help you refine current product suites and service delivery practices, as well as optimize new product launch efforts.  Our team will develop market benchmarks to assist in defining your market presence, positioning and customer experience effectiveness.

Our a3 Intelligence™ CI packages provide clients with timely competitive insights and market recommendations, supporting critical business decisions.

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