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Bank Survey Research

Bank Survey Research

Since 1997, ath Power has provided its banking and financial services client base with customized survey solutions.  Our primary objectives are to capture actionable insights that result in improved sales, service and marketing behaviors and outcomes. We afford full-service design, implementation and ongoing management of multi-platform survey programs in everything from customer satisfaction, to internal feedback, to attrition studies.  We understand best practices for every aspect of a successful research initiative. Our seasoned team of researchers, analysts and consultants will partner with you on every aspect of your customized program including survey design, sample selection, data transfer dynamics, report objectives, data monitoring, analysis, and more.

Many bank satisfaction- and loyalty-based survey programs are triggered via certain types of transactions such as mortgage, home loans, personal banking, business loans, or other key segments. Dependent on program goals and sampling budget, our team of analysts can identify any key differences in results based on a variety of metrics and demographics.


Benchmarking Your Survey Data

ath Power has performed hundreds of thousands of surveys and audits in the financial services sector.  Our experience provides us the opportunity to benchmark various metrics for comparison purposes with a variety of customer data sets.

Bank survey research proves invaluable when it comes to pinpointing strengths and weaknesses from market and customer perspectives. It’s our job to fully understand your company’s strong suits as well as those that need work through the analysis of the true motivating drivers that not only attract customers, but foster long-term relationships as well.

From relationship growth to customer retention, bank survey research is an integral part of the process, and we have a proven approach that works. The best part about ath Power’s survey research is that it spans the customer lifecycle from the acquisition process to relationship building to customer retention.


Bank Survey Research Methods

Banks use our survey research solutions to achieve various goals.  To gather the information for our clients, we use a variety of methods, including:

  • Account Open Surveys
  • Account Closed Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Customer Intercept Surveys
  • Loyalty and Wallet Share Surveys
  • Post-Transaction Surveys
  • Mortgage/Home Equity Closed Loan Surveys
  • Mortgage/Home Equity Non-Converted Applicant Surveys
  • Competitive Benchmarks
  • Internal Evaluations
  • Employee Engagement Surveys

ath Power has extensive experience with online, phone and print survey design, execution, management and analysis. Our team of leading research experts will work with your organization to leverage surveys as a real-time tool for coaching, product development, servicing and business-decisioning. For phone surveys, we leverage three call centers, and have an unparalleled record of success. Communications are world-class and calling can include both landlines, as well as cell phone numbers, depending on your preferences and customer information.

ath Power also delivers email-based surveys. These can be designed for completion by computer, or if needed, we can specifically optimize a survey for mobile devices, which can be especially important, since users of banking technologies tend to prefer using those same technologies when conducting other activities, such as satisfaction surveys. Our email/online-based surveys are designed and managed in-house, which allows for great flexibility, as the program progresses, to make modifications to keep up with customer or business leader needs.


Customization of Bank Survey Research 

In order to get the most viable and relevant results, we know the value in customizing each survey to address your unique needs. We achieve that by drawing on knowledge gained from our work within the banking industry as a whole as well as specific factors unique to your organization. From primary retail and small business accounts to wealth management and internal service, we have the experience to deliver on your bank survey research requirements.


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ath Power Consulting, with locations in Boston and Washington DC, is a leader in competitive intelligence, mystery shop study, compliance auditing, survey research, market analysis, employee training and development, and strategic consulting, with a specialty in improving bottom-line performance for financial institutions just like yours. Request a free consultation today to find out how we can assist in your bank survey research goals.