Mystery Shop Study

Vital and objective brand insight to improve your customer experience.

a3 Audits™

For over two decades, ath Power has been helping organizations optimize operations, deliver on their brand promises, and maximize their sales potential with our nationally recognized mystery shop … READ MORE


Survey Research

Identify strengths and weaknesses from market and customer perspectives.

Exploring customer experience through survey research is a proven way to not only acutely understand your organization’s strengths and weaknesses in meeting customer needs, but also to identify the true motivating … READ MORE


Competitive Intelligence

Gain market strategies and accurate knowledge of competing institutions.

Actionable Competitive Intelligence

Accurate knowledge of what competing institutions are doing in your market provides the foundation block for continuous growth and increased profits, and is critically important to maintaining and READ MORE


Training & Development

Customized employee training programs to boost performance.

ath Power helps financial services organizations grow by teaching the skills necessary to differentiate themselves from their competition.  For almost two decades, it has been our business to understand exactly what makes a … READ MORE


Strategic Consulting

Successfully implement your customer experience strategies.

ath Power offers strategic consulting services to all of our clients. We work with senior executives to develop, define, and implement their customer experience strategies and, overall, seek to ensure the maximum possible market … READ MORE


Compliance Audits

Identify risk and ensure adherence to today’s regulatory requirements.

Evolving regulations have created the need for organizations to be more proactive with their compliance efforts, and to create sound structures that can support regulatory changes. With a strong team of … READ MORE


Syndicated Research

One-of-a-kind reports, executive briefs, and white papers.

ath Power Reports™

Since 1997, ath Power has conducted hundreds of thousands of audits and surveys on the customer experience of North America’s financial services organizations.  From that field work, we have developed … READ MORE