Moving into management can be an exciting opportunity. It can also uncover a lot of responsibility surrounding the success of your team dynamics. Learn to shift your skill set and develop your people by being prepared to handle this transition with confidence!

In Stepping into Management you will learn not only how to support your team, but also yourself, to make the step from employee to manager smooth for you all.

Stepping into Management
Program time: 30 min.


  • Recognize the strengths of your new role and your new team
  • Hold your first team meeting
  • Manage sabotaging behaviors in your team
  • Provide feedback on behavioral issues
  • Support your team and yourself in this transition

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Course Information

Estimated Time: 2 Hours



Course Instructor

Lisa Holt Lisa Holt Instructor

Lisa Holt is a respected trainer with 14 years of teaching and learning experience as well as a Master’s Degree in Education and certification in Adult Online Learning. Lisa has worked within the Financial, Government, and Community based industries with the goal of helping people to learn more about themselves and the people they work with. As apc’s Training Coordinator, Lisa has worked to develop and facilitate training on business relevant topics such as Leadership Development, Quality Customer Experience, Coaching, and Diversity/Equity/Inclusion to name a few. Lisa has a proven quality that allows her to easily connect with her audience and engage with them in meaningful ways. This experience allows each training to be unique and impactful for all who work with her.

Stepping Into Management