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Employee Engagement Survey (exg)

Don’t simply measure satisfaction. Raise the bar. Measure engagement.

An Employee Engagement Survey is a proven method to proactively meet Employee needs. Powered by apc’s Employee Experience Grade or exg™, your organization will have unmatched visibility into strengths and opportunities in a way no other measurement platform can offer.

Employee Engagement Survey

What is ?

The Employee Experience Grade/exg™ is a best-in-class methodology for measuring Employee Engagement at all levels of your organization. Years of testing went into developing this easy-to-understand index of engagement in a way that’s has never before been seen and offers unparalleled insights.

What’s more, apc’s exg™ program offers customizable options most programs prohibit.

Employee Engagement Survey


Understanding the initial moments of the employee-employer relationship creates an optimal opportunity to identify areas where you can strengthen the bond, and essentially, determine the key drivers that are turning prospects into engaged employees. In addition to insights from exg™, apc is expert in Onboarding Surveys to aid in cutting down short-term attrition and improving hiring practices.

Relationship Growth

Employee engagement and post-onboarding surveys provide a window into how well you are meeting the needs of your existing employees. Additionally, employee value and segmentation analyses can help refine the level of support and identify opportunities for growth and development. Using Employee Engagement Surveys during the relationship-building phase will yield enormous organizational benefits in assuring the needs of your most valued employees are being met.


Ultimately, exit surveys can provide an enlightening view into why employees decide to leave your organization. By understanding these root causes, you will know how to best intervene with the employee before they depart, and moreover, how to avoid the issues that have brought them to that point altogether.

Employee Engagement Survey


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