Industries Served

ath Power provides our complete suite of solutions – from survey and mystery shop research, competitive intelligence, compliance auditing, and market analyses, to employee training and strategic consulting – to customer-centric organizations of all sizes across numerous industries. We possess the experience and expertise to provide the same world-class solutions and service to virtually any business.

Featured Industries Served

  • Banking and Financial Services
    ath Power was founded and grew its reputation in banking and financial services. We are the unrivaled leader in this sector, trusted by and supporting more financial services organizations than any of our competitors. If you are a bank, credit union, credit card, lending, mortgage, wealth management, or FinTech organization, look no further than ath Power for all of your research and training needs.
  • Governmentath Power has been serving the government sector since our inception. We conduct compliance audits, census research, public opinion polling, market and industry analyses, segmentation studies, internal evaluations, assessments of potential risk against regulations and requirements, employee training, and more for various government entities. We are fully vetted and approved by the GSA.

Other Industries Served

  • Insurance
    Health, auto, and life insurance firms consistently seek out ath Power to evaluate their sales agents, ensure accuracy of quotes and policies, gather intelligence on competitors, provide employee training, and more. We have the expertise and experience necessary to cater to the insurance industry.
  • Healthcare
    From hospitals and doctor offices, to assisted living and managed care, ath Power has experience in helping to ensure compliance with legal requirements, improving the patient experience, boosting patient advocacy, and teaching staff sales and service skills.
  • Education
    Schools and universities employ ath Power to conduct research at their institutions. We can assess campus/facility conditions, employee knowledge and professionalism, compliance with legal disclosures, and student satisfaction.
  • Retail
    ath Power has been trusted by many of the world’s top retail brands for over two decades. We are able to perform a broad range of studies in-store, through your call center, and online. We provide our clients with the critical information needed to understand customers, prospects, employees and competitors, measure loyalty and satisfaction, identify strengths and weaknesses, test product and service offerings, determine marketing and advertising effectiveness, pinpoint compliance issues, and much more. Our comprehensive consulting services help clients utilize that critical data and information by providing a full breakdown of the research results and offering our strategic recommendations to take their business to the next level.
  • Automotive / Dealership
    ath Power supports an array of auto industry clients, from national auto dealerships to automobile funding organizations, to local service shops. Our programs can measure employee knowledge and engagement, advertising effectiveness, quality and satisfaction of repairs, competitor offerings, and more.