Maximize Mystery Shopping for Your Brand

by | Dec 15, 2020 | Blog

For nearly two decades, ath Power has been helping financial services and other organizations optimize operations, deliver on their brand promises, and maximize their sales potential with our nationally recognized financial service mystery shop programs. Our programs encompass our specialized approach to real-time information gathering about customers and employees, and every program is tailored to each client’s unique corporate objectives.

Utilizing our comprehensive national database of financial services, which happens to be the industry’s largest and strongest, audit providers are performed in various ways, including anonymous onsite visits and calls to branch locations. The process captures the vital information that defines the standards of exceptional personal service and presents objective insight into clients’ strengths and weaknesses. Experience research solutions, including mystery shopping, provide the necessary tools and processes to measure, manage and improve the delivery of an exceptional, consistent, and branded customer experience.

How Mystery Shopping Can Help Your Organization

As much as you would like to, you cannot be at every location all of the time to ensure that your front-line staff is carrying out your brand promise. But we can.

Our mystery shop programs are a valuable tool in helping financial institutions and other organizations see through the customer’s eyes to assess all elements of the customer experience, including:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer loyalty
  • Overall customer experience
  • Compliance
  • Staff friendliness and engagement skills
  • Sales & service processes
  • On-site branding
  • Your competitive environment
  • Training needs and effectiveness

Understanding your customer and his/her experience with your organization — whether in-person, via telephone or on-line — is essential in targeting new business and retaining current customers. Using our financial mystery shopping services, you can achieve those goals by identifying key areas to improve, and then implementing a strategy for success based on our actionable recommendations. Our programs have helped clients from all lines of business within financial services and a variety of verticals realize improved employee performance, increase loyalty and retention rates, and maximize profitability.

Let our expert team of managers and analysts deliver you a fully customized mystery shop program to meet your current and future mystery shopping needs.

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