ath Power Research Subscription Service

ath Power is pleased to introduce the availability of our new Research Subscription Service that includes access to all of our syndicated research reports and executive briefs. This service includes all of the elements clients and prospective clients have been asking for: more (and more frequent) voice-of-the-customer and primary market research; greater access to all research and reports without having to pay for each document separately; and access to the underlying analysts and writers of the studies to ask questions, expand on a topic, or schedule a strategy discussion. We are delighted to now offer these capabilities through our Research Subscription Service.

Membership Benefits

Membership in the ath Power Research Subscription Service offers a wide variety of benefits for banks, credit unions, FinTech firms, and other organizations desiring substantive research on important, relevant topics in banking and financial services. In addition to unlimited access to all reports and executive briefs produced during the membership period, members can take advantage of ath Power’s many voice-of-the-customer and customer experience capabilities.

Key membership benefits include:

    • Unlimited access to all ath Power reports and executive briefs during the subscription period. Reports include a comprehensive look at a broad industry trend or theme, with executive briefs offering insight into a specific topic.
    • Rights to distribute up to three sets of materials (reports and executive briefs) internally within the same organization, and accessible via named user seats for a base membership. Note: Additional seats can be purchased, as desired.
    • Ability to schedule analyst/author time annually to review and discuss key research findings.
    • Analyst/author access for ad-hoc inquiries on research-related topics found in reports and executive briefs.
    • Access to members-only webinars on recent research findings and conclusions.
    • Ability to review, comment, and suggest survey questions on pending research prior to distribution to the field.
    • Ability to use an ath Power panel to distribute snap surveys (up to three per year) to gain rapid feedback from consumers on relevant, urgent, and/or timely issues.
    • Input into ath Power’s yearly research plan.
    • Members shall also receive special discounted pricing for any custom research they wish ath Power to conduct (such as survey research, competitive intelligence studies, brand experience audits, etc.).

Current Research Plan

Our current research plan includes reports and executive briefs on a wide variety of themes, and includes such topics as consumer and small business digital banking and payments, factors affecting an ideal banking experience, the expansion of the universal banker business model, omnichannel banking, and reconfigured branches and contact centers, to name just a few subjects. Client input and evolving market forces will help us to expand or add to these themes, allowing us to better meet the needs of our clients.

Our current plan includes:

        • The ath Power Consumer Digital Banking Study™
        • The ath Power Small Business Digital Banking Study™
        • The ath Power Ideal Banking Study™
        • ath Power Executive Brief: The Era of the Universal Banker™
        • ath Power Executive Brief: Online Account Applications and Opening™
        • ath Power Executive Brief: Mobile Remote Deposit Capture™  
        • ath Power Executive Brief: Millennial Banking Preferences™  
        • ath Power Executive Brief: The Importance of Both Touch and Technology in Small Business Banking™
        • The ath Power Small Business Banking Study™
        • ath Power Executive Brief: Channel Preferences of Small Business Owners™
        • The ath Power Omnichannel Banking Study™
        • The ath Power ATM Market Study™
        • ath Power Executive Brief: The Importance of Banking Customer Experience™
        • ath Power Executive Brief: Customer Insight on Digital Payments and Cardless Cash/ATM Prestaging™

Note: Topics may change based on client input

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