ath Power’s mission is to improve bottom-line performance for financial institutions. Whether it is helping to deliver and maintain an exceptional customer experience across all channels, ensuring compliance with regulations, developing a strategy to stand out from the competition, reducing customer attrition or building brand loyalty, we are ready to help our clients achieve their goals.

We understand that we are successful only when our clients are successful, and that is why we partner with each client to assess their individual needs and objectives, align their vision with a strategy, conduct the appropriate research and ultimately, provide the insightful analysis and actionable recommendations necessary to achieve their business goals.

Our approach is based on a customer experience platform which we pioneered ourselves – a3 Intelligence™. Developed by some of the world’s leading researchers, analysts and market specialists, this unique platform was built upon our vision to help our clients overcome their challenges within the highly competitive financial services marketplace.

a3 Intelligence™ is the foundation for each client program and is comprised of three essential components – our proven research methodologies, our seasoned team of researchers and analysts, and our comprehensive reporting system, aNET℠. a3 Intelligence™ ensures accurate data measurement and analysis, and it enables our clients to make data-driven decisions that yield sustainable performance improvements.

ath Power’s research solutions provide the critical information needed to understand both customers and competitors, measure loyalty and satisfaction, identify strengths and weaknesses, test product/service offerings, determine marketing/advertising effectiveness, pinpoint compliance issues and so much more.

ath Power’s consulting services help our clients to utilize that critical information by providing a full breakdown of the research results and offering our strategic recommendations to take their business to the next level.Our programs are always tailored to our clients’ specific needs and scaled accordingly. We work closely with each client to determine which programs will yield the best results.

They can range from discrete surveys and competitive analyses, to large, ongoing mystery shop studies and employee training initiatives. Our clients have been impressed with this level of customization and our ability to adapt a program as factors change within their organization.

Mystery Shop Study


Vital and objective brand insight to improve your customer experience.

a3 Audits™

For over two decades, ath Power has Read more

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Survey Research


Identify strengths and weaknesses from market and customer perspectives.

Exploring customer experience through survey research is a proven Read more

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Competitive Intelligence


Gain market strategies and accurate knowledge of competing institutions.

Actionable Competitive Intelligence

Accurate knowledge of what competing institutions are Read more

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Training & Development


Customized employee training programs to boost performance.

ath Power helps financial services organizations grow by teaching the skills Read more

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Strategic Consulting


Successfully implement your customer experience strategies.

ath Power offers strategic consulting services to all of our clients. Read more

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Compliance Audits


Identify risk and ensure adherence to today’s regulatory requirements.

Evolving regulations have created the need for organizations to Read more

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