The 8th Edition ath Power Small Business Banking Study

Purpose of the Small Business Banking Study

The ath Power Small Business Banking Study™ is a one-of-a-kind detailed assessment of the sales and service processes, product and service offerings, delivery methods, and customer experiences of the nation’s financial institutions within the small business banking target market. Through survey research, ath Power examined the small business banking efforts at financial institutions across the United States to determine how they are performing within this crucial market segment and what needs to be done to deliver the customer experiences that will ultimately increase acquisition, improve retention, and drive revenue.

  • Discover what small business customers expect from their banking relationship and whether or not they are satisfied with their current experience;
  • Find out what gaps in the service experience would deter a potential small business customer from bringing their business to a bank;
  • Learn how banks are performing within the competitive landscape of small business banking compared to previous years;
  • Gain the strategic insight needed to achieve a dominant position in the highly profitable small business banking market.


In Q4 2017, ath Power surveyed 386 small business owners from across the United States to assess their business banking needs and evaluate their current business banking experience. Through a combination of quantitative and qualitative questions, ath Power sought to determine the following aspects:

  • Identify the priorities for small business owners in selecting a financial institution, as well as those that maintain the relationship.
  • Examine how banks are performing with regard to these priorities, and what drives the overall relationship.
  • Assess how small business owners currently conduct their business banking and how they would prefer to do so.
  • Evaluate the prevalence and depth of current relationship manager and business banking customer relationships.

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