The ath Power Digital Payments Study

Purpose of The ath Power Digital Payments Study™

It is an exciting time in the world of payments as we witness developments like Digital Wallets, Peer-to-Peer Payments (P2P), Open Banking, and Artificial Intelligence evolve and become adopted by consumers as the norm. Through the mobile channel in particular, offline and online worlds are converging, blurring the distinctions between them, and in the process creating challenges and opportunities for payment providers. How banks respond to the uncertainty and ambiguity of the changing landscape will decisively determine their role in the rapidly forming future payments sector.

The ath Power Digital Payments Study™ examines key industry trends in digital payments, as well as consumer usage, adoption, experience, behaviors, and preferences. Additionally, it provides insight into how banks can leverage these findings to compete in this marketplace.

  • Discover which tools and capabilities are of the greatest interest to consumers and influence their decision to adopt a digital payment solution
  • Learn what consumers expect in regards to transaction speed and security, and their willingness to use newer technologies such as voice assistant devices for digital payments
  • Find out which payment providers are the most trusted and preferred
  • Learn about the most pressing challenges banks face from security and vulnerabilities, to competing with alternative/non-bank payment providers, and how to face these challenges head-on


In Q2 of 2018, ath Power conducted a survey of 3,423 consumers across the U.S. and Canada to assess their digital payment needs and evaluate their current digital payment preferences and experience.  Insights from the study span a number of areas, including peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, digital wallets, open banking, artificial intelligence, real-time payments, and security.

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