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Customized employee training programs to boost performance.

ath Power helps financial services organizations grow by teaching the skills necessary to differentiate themselves from their competition.  For almost two decades, it has been our business to understand exactly what makes a customer-focused financial institution succeed.

Our Approach

ath Power provides a broad range of customized training programs in business, professional, and cultural competencies.  We offer blended training methods tailored for developing your employees including front-line employees and back office staff, to executive management and team leaders, to your consumer and commercial sales and service positions.

Our customized coursework is designed for the wide-ranging level of banking employee and respective skill sets; from customer relationship management workshops to highly specific commercial credit and cash flow analysis seminars.

Some of our training programs cover:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Internal Service
  • High-level Problem Resolution
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Sales Culture Management
  • Management Development
  • Front-line Sales and Service
  • Skill Results-Oriented Coaching
  • Commercial Credit (Fundamentals, Intermediate, Advanced)

As each client truly is unique in its general staffing make-up, management team objectives and internal training capabilities, we take a customized approach to front-line sales and service management, data communication and incentive and motivation programs.  We have facilitated a wide variety of solutions in order to help our clients bridge the gap between their brand promise and the people who carry it out.

Our training team is made up of highly accomplished content developers, facilitators and consultants with proven track records in developing and implementing numerous sales and service-based programs.  These industry leading executives and managers bring expertise in business development, consultative selling, needs-based selling and coaching, sales process development/integration and supervisory development as well as compliance training and audit, policy review and process integration.

We offer competitive pricing and a solid commitment to ensuring that your program is a continued success.  Our long-term experience in achieving this standard is evidenced by the testimonials of our clients.  We invite you to speak with any of them to hear what they have to say about our services and partnering relationships.


ath Power’s Sales & Service Connections™

Our exclusive customer experience training and management development systems offer:

  • A customized, comprehensive solution which allows you to achieve an exceptional customer experience at every touch point — internally and externally, across the organization
  • Tailored and flexible programs, based on your organization’s unique products, services and corporate objectives
  • A mix of tools and processes that enable you to measure, monitor and improve performance
  • A cost-conscience solution that enhances what you have in place — from competency standards, to incentives

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