Compliance Audits


Compliance Audits

Evolving regulations have created the need for organizations to be more proactive with their compliance efforts, and to create sound structures that can support regulatory changes. With a strong team of highly experienced professionals, including compliance and regulatory trainers, ath Power Consulting (apc) offers its clients compliance evaluation methods to ensure adherence to today’s requirements.

Comprehensive Compliance Auditing

apc brings the industry expertise, proven capabilities, and necessary resources to conduct compliance audits for all types of organizations. We are able to measure and assess levels of compliance to identify areas of risk or concern which typically cannot be achieved using standard transaction testing. apc’s compliance audits can supplement any organization’s quality control program by providing greater visibility into their practices and procedures.

apc Compliance Audits

By using our research methodologies to capture this critical information, we can delve deeper into the customer’s experience. We are able to uncover what sales and service protocols are used when a customer is purchasing a product, if the necessary material and information is disclosed to the customer, whether or not the customer is treated fairly during their in-person visit or phone call, and much more.

  • Assess potential risk against regulations and requirements
  • Evaluate Right to Financial Privacy Act
  • Ensure proper procedures and quality control
  • Plan organized responses
  • Potentially avoid legal issues
  • Test for underwriting and account opening requirements, including verification of customer information requirements
  • Work to stay ahead of the curve on rapid federal regulation changes
  • Maintain a positive brand image

Auditing Capabilities

  • Fair Lending and Fair Treatment testing
  • Testing for general compliance disclosure and signage requirements
  • Testing for Non-Deposit Investment Products (NDIP)
  • Regulation Z: Truth in Lending
  • Regulation DD: Truth in Savings
  • Opt In/Out
  • Credit Card Reform Act