On The Record With Gen-Z

Are you getting the impact you want from your Gen-Z customer population? Download this white paper to find out how Gen-Z wants to be marketed to, what it takes to turn them into lifelong fans, and much more.

Happy Employees DO NOT Equal Happy Customers

Happy employees are the key to a company’s success, right? Turns out that might not always be true. Grab the white paper that presents cutting-edge research debunking popular misconceptions about employee satisfaction vs engagement!

Employee Engagement: A Make or Break Metric for Municipalities

Did you know that organizations with highly engaged employees are more productive, innovative, and have higher rates of retention and job satisfaction?  Download this white paper to discover how to measure engagement and drive improvements in your own organization’s culture.

The Future of Consumer Self-Service

Businesses concerned with securing a stronger connection with consumers must navigate towards enhancing the intersection between self-service and human experience. Get a research-based view on how consumers and vendors will shape the market.

The Future of Banking After Covid-19

The banking industry is still feeling the effects from the pandemic, which has given rise to questions about future best practices, specifically how to deliver exceptional customer service experiences and accommodate changing consumer preferences. Download this white paper to learn what our survey revealed.

Benchmark Study on the Current State of Contact Center Trends and Satisfaction

This study was conducted in partnership with the NECCF to investigate how consumers feel overall about their call center experiences. Discover where call centers are headed and what call centers need to do to improve the customer experience while preparing for the future.