Government Mystery Shop Research


Government Mystery Shop Research

Government agencies and organizations provide our communities with essential products and services, which is why it is crucial that the customer, constituent, and stakeholder experience is up to par. Mystery shop research is a proven method that helps ensure this goal is met.

For over two decades, apc has been helping organizations optimize performance, deliver on their organizational promises, and maximize their sales and service potential with our nationally recognized mystery shop programs, a3 Audits™. a3 Audits™ encompass our specialized approach to real-time information gathering about customers, constituents, employees, and stakeholders. Every program is tailored to each client’s unique needs and objectives.

a3 Audits

Utilizing our extensive database of mystery shoppers (one of the largest panels in North America), a3 Audits™ are performed in various ways including anonymous onsite visits, calls to departments or locations, online assessments, and mobile application usage. The process captures vital information and presents objective insight into an organization’s strengths and weaknesses. a3 Audits™ provide the necessary tools and processes to measure, monitor, and improve the experience.

As much as you would like to, you cannot be at every location all of the time to ensure that your front-line staff is following your set protocols. But we can. Our mystery shop programs are a valuable tool in helping organizations see through the customer, constituent, employee, or stakeholder’s eyes to assess all elements of the experience.

Understanding your customer experience and market perception — whether in-person, via telephone, online, or mobile app — is essential today. Using a3 Audits™, you will identify key areas to improve on and then implement a success strategy based on our actionable recommendations. Our programs have helped clients from many lines of business across a plethora of industries see improved employee performance, increased compliance rates, and maximized profitability.

Government Mystery Shop Research Programs

  • Decoy/Agent shops to determine if minors are being served in various establishments
  • Telephone customer care shops to evaluate the helpfulness, courteousness, and sales skills of the call center representatives
  • In-person shops to evaluate levels of knowledge and service in parks, libraries, schools, and government agencies, departments, organizations
  • Compliance shops to determine if government employees are in compliance with policies and procedures
  • In-person/phone/online/mobile shops to evaluate responsiveness to inquiries, as well as reveal if transactions and requests are handled in a timely manner
  • Online shops to evaluate experience using government websites

GSA Contract #: 47QRAA18D008G
GSA Schedule: MAS
Duns Code: 009398421
NAICS Codes: 541910, 541611, 541810, 611430