Government Survey Research


Government Survey Research

Exploring customer, constituent, and stakeholder experience through survey research is a proven way to not only acutely understand your organization’s strengths and weaknesses in meeting needs and expectations, but also to identify what elements are driving satisfaction and what areas need improvement.

Government Survey Research Solutions

Our approach leverages the considerable experience we have gained through surveying a broad range of customer and constituent populations from a variety of industries, along with the knowledge that each study must be customized to address the unique needs of every client.

ath Power Consulting’s (apc) survey research spans the customer and constituent life cycle, measuring the experience at every touchpoint along the journey. This helps to establish baselines to measure future performance, as well as predict needs and trends and identify key drivers of experience. We are able to create meaningful action plans from our data and subsequently monitor progress in order to drive continuous improvement.

Our survey research methods span every channel and current optimal method.

Strengthen Your Corporate Culture

Empower your management to improve employee engagement, with tools that show where to concentrate efforts to increase team and individual employee productivity.

Our employee engagement surveys make it easy to spot the drivers of engagement and productivity, allowing you to react swiftly, and create a strong and happy corporate culture.

Download our “Employee Engagement: A Make or Break Metric for Municipalities” white paper and discover how to measure engagement and drive improvements in your own organization’s culture.

GSA Contract #: 47QRAA18D008G
GSA Schedule: MAS
Duns Code: 009398421
NAICS Codes: 541910, 541611, 541810, 611430