Government Training & Development


Government Training and Development

Our training caters to the adult learner and provides an active, hands-on learning experience, as well as several measurable benchmarks for success along the way. Each session uses a variety of individual and group assignments that encourages participation and stimulates interaction.

Our sessions are highly energetic and engaging in order to keep participants focused on the session’s specific topic in a relaxed, inviting setting. Practice exercises for each skill taught will be incorporated throughout the program as an experiential learning approach is facilitated. Additionally, job-aids and coaching tools are provided as on-the-job resources, whenever possible.

Our Expertise

From the field work we have performed, apc has developed a strong acumen of what works and where the gaps are in the industry, thus establishing a set of customer experience norms and helping us to provide a better experience for our clients.

Our traditional research roots and background in service and leadership training affords us the opportunity to provide our clients with expert consultation and training recommendations based on industry best practices. We possess an exceptional understanding of the markets that we serve and fit our knowledge and experience into a best solution scenario for each individual client we partner with. Furthermore, and setting our services apart, we have an extensive experience in using Voice-of-the- Customer, front-line research data to formulate new and/or enhance current training programs.

A Customized Approach

apc provides proven training methods and unparalleled expertise to develop your staff, however – based on our experience and proprietary market data – our ability to customize training content while introducing tools and processes is what truly differentiates us from other providers and leaves a lasting impression.

We begin by determining your organization’s needs and which foundational content would benefit your company culture. Next, we establish the training series order and priority, ensuring that goals are aligned with your specific needs. Finally, we customize the content to fit your business, using your own look and feel.

Training Proficiencies

  • Leadership, Management, and Coaching
  • Service Excellence
  • Business Development
  • Consultative Selling
  • Process Improvement
  • Strategic Business Planning

We take a customized approach to the training materials and delivery, as each client truly is unique in its staffing make-up, management team objectives, and internal training capabilities.

An Exclusive Training System

  • A comprehensive solution which allows you to achieve an exceptional customer experience at every touch point – internally and externally, across the organization
  • Tailored and flexible programs, based on your organization’s unique products, services, and corporate objectives
  • A mix of tools and processes that will enable managers to measure, monitor, and improve performance in conjunction with existing measurement controls
  • A cost-effective solution that enhances what you have in place – from competency standards, to job description refinement, coaching elements, and value-based incentive systems
  • Bottom-line results regarding: Leadership, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Relationship-Building, Advocacy and Retention, Internal Communications, Teamwork, and Organizational Culture

Our Facilitators and Content Management Executives

Our training team is made up of highly accomplished content developers, facilitators, and consultants with proven track records in creating and implementing numerous sales and service-based programs. These industry leading executives bring expertise in business development, relationship development, consultative/needs-based selling and coaching, sales processes, management development, as well as compliance training, policy review, and measurable process improvements. They are the best in the industry at what they do.

GSA Contract #: 47QRAA18D008G
GSA Schedule: MAS
Duns Code: 009398421
NAICS Codes: 541910, 541611, 541810, 611430