Mystery Shop Research

Mystery Shop Research

Being able to see your company through the lens of your customers whether in-person, via telephone, on-line, or through an app is absolutely essential for any company.

Using MSR powered by ath Power Consulting (apc), your organization can measure the quality of sales and service performance to your company’s expected standards collecting information about products, service, sales, compliance, brand performance and even gathering competitor intelligence.

Is Mystery Shop Research The Right Tool For My Data Needs?

What does Mystery Shop Research work well for?

  • Determining customer experience with your products, services, and brand
  • Identifying gaps where training is needed
  • Evaluating your relationship with your customers
  • Gathering unbiased data points
  • Measuring compliance with brand standards and government regulations
  • Supporting a promotional program or new product or service
  • Analyzing competitors
  • Evaluating staff sales, service, and engagement skills
  • Ensuring correct product placement
  • Identifying experience from online purchase to delivery and return

When might another research tool be a better option?

  • A lot of data points are required to meet statistical significance
  • Employee incentive based programs are typically better based off of survey research
  • Getting data from a highly specific market segmentation such as small business owners who have closed on PPP loans
  • A very quick turn on receipt of data is required

Why ath Powerful Mystery Shops?

Exceptional Support

Senior level expertise on all engagements team members include PhD researchers, senior analysts, market specialists most with an in excess of 15 years of service to our clients.

All In One Resource
We are an all-in-one resource for survey and mystery shop research, competitive intelligence, compliance testing, market analyses, social media monitoring, employee training, and strategic consulting. We have successfully designed, developed, and managed CX research initiatives for some of the largest organizations in North America.

Clients choose ath Power because of our exceptional client support team, our CX research toolbox to gain insights using a large variety of methods, our robust analytical capabilities, innovative technology, and, most importantly, because we work every day in every way to ensure the client and their needs are our reason for being.

Highly Customized Solutions
Our solutions are always tailored to our clients’ specific needs. We work closely with each client to determine what will yield the best results with full respect to their goals and budget. Whether it is helping to deliver and maintain an exceptional experience across all channels, ensuring compliance with regulations, or developing a strategy to stand out from the competition, we are passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals.

We want you to walk away with valuable data and actionable insight that you can use to improve your customer experience and brand loyalty. We collaborate and work with our clients every step of the way from study development to study implementation to ensure the questions being asked will provide you with the critical information needed to pinpoint strengths and uncover areas of improvement. We deliver visually stimulating reporting of results, including the recommendations we believe could be very beneficial and help promote positive goals throughout the entire organization

Work That Fits Your Budget
  • Extremely adept at analyzing current studies and offering enhancing solutions.
  • Highly customized offerings without nickeling and diming.
  • Dedicated to elite levels of service for our clients through consistent executive level team members and immediate responsiveness to needs.
  • Continuously assessing and aligning the work with our clients to ensure they have the optimum set up for achieving their goals.
  • Less than 1% error rate on shops, surveys, and reports for 21 years.
  • We serve as an extension of our client’s CX teams, freeing up our clients to do more.
Our Long Term Service
  • Since our inception in 1997, we have delivered research solutions, providing clients with the critical information needed to understand customers, prospects, employees and competitors to effectively measure loyalty and satisfaction, identify strengths and weaknesses, test product and service offerings, determine marketing and advertising effectiveness, and pinpoint compliance issues. Partnership versus Personal Gain
  • Are we considering your best interests, or forwarding our own agenda?
  • Do we recommend only our solutions, even when they might not be an appropriate fit?
  • Do our solutions play well with others, such as your agency and other suppliers?
  • Are we really trying to be your partner, or just chasing sales?
  • Do our business practices and culture complement your company’s practices and culture?
  • Founded in 1997. One of the largest providers of Financial Services CX working the research industry.
  • Unrivaled client retention rates.
  • Implementation of CX measurement across all lines of business.
  • Vetted and approved to handle customer data at all FS companies we have engaged with.
Best In Class Data Security
  • Secure FTP Transfer -ath Power utilizes Citrix Sharefile, secure FTP that uses HTTP over SSL (HTTPS), FTP over SSL (FTPS), and FTP over SSH (SFTP) protocols. Files are encrypted using 256-bit SSL.
  • Files Storage –All files are securely stored using 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Files Access –Only ath Power employees working on a specific project have access to files for that project. ath Power maintains logical access control mechanisms that block access by default and allow enforcement of privileges based on roles.
  • aNET® Security–System runs on a cloud-based infrastructure so all client data resides on secure servers hosted and protected in the Amazon AWS data centers. AWS provides maximum security, regularly undergoes audits, and is SSAE 16 and ISO 27001 certified. aNET® has EBS redundant RAID storage structure, load balancing, firewalls, enterprise class system and network monitoring, daily backups, strict access control, and the highest level of encryption available.