360 Degree Feedback & Development

360 Degree Feedback & Development

Every company and Government agency can benefit from implementing 360 Degree Feedback & Development for their employees. 360 Degree Feedback is sourced anonymously from multiple team members in an organization who work directly with the employees being assessed. Feedback is tailored to each individual employee, helping them to develop their skills, identify areas for improvement, and build upon their strengths.

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“apc’s 360 Degree Feedback & Development program is a game changer. It helped our employees identify their strengths and opportunities and develop their skills, resulting in improved business performance and a more engaged workforce overall.” – apc Federal Government Client


360 Degree Feedback is not meant to assess employee performance or be tied to pay or promotions. It should be used solely for development, ensuring honest and constructive insight for the employee. When they receive this unfiltered outside view of their actions and behavior, they can immediately see what others see compared to how they view themselves, and take action to enhance their strengths and improve upon their opportunities.

It also gives senior leaders a better understanding of how they can help. As a result, talent is optimized, which ultimately improves overall business performance and impact.

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  • apc collaborates with the client to determine core competencies reflective of the organization’s unique culture, and recommends questions to be asked. This 360 Degree Assessment is programmed into our online system.
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  • Typically, we recommend training for anyone involved in the assessment process to ensure the feedback provided will positively impact those being assessed. We also conduct workshops for the participants so they understand how the feedback should be used.
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  • The anonymous assessment is given to colleagues who work directly with the employee being assessed – peers, direct reports, and supervisors – to collect opinions on how they are performing in areas such as leadership, communication, teamwork, and specific job-related skills. The employee also evaluates themselves for comparison.
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  • Once the assessments have been completed, apc analyzes the collected data to identify major themes and progress toward the employee’s professional learning goals.
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  • Individual reports are developed and delivered to each employee who has been evaluated. Reports include comprehensive feedback relevant to their role and development plan.
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  • As part of the development process, one-on-one coaching sessions are recommended for each of the 360 Degree Assessment participants. During the session, the coach will walk through the findings of the Assessment with the participant. Together, the participant and coach will work to build a specific and measurable action plan for the participant to work on.
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  • Ultimately, key themes will arise from coaching sessions with multiple participants that may point to skill gaps or opportunities for growth for the participants or the organization as a whole.

What are the benefits of 360 Degree Feedback and Development?

  • Enhanced employee self-awareness
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Building a culture of open communication
  • Identification of strengths and opportunities to help employees improve their skills
  • Development of all levels of talent
  • Ability for employees to understand, identify, and close their talent gaps
  • Improved leadership
  • Identification of training/coaching opportunities
  • Improved operational performance
360 Development Tips
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apc 360 Degree Feedback & Development

apc’s 360 Degree Feedback & Development provides HR departments across all industries the insights needed to drive their employees’ career development, performance, productivity, and engagement.


  • Automated and anonymous process for 360 Degree Assessments
  • View 360 degree results in a customized online dashboard
  • Identify development opportunities across groups or by role or level
  • Measure success of employee development programs over time
  • Real-time analytics and powerful data visualization
  • Connect employee development outcomes with business metrics to prove ROI and impact
  • Individualized feedback reports for each employee
  • One-on-one coaching sessions

One-on-One Coaching Sessions

After participants have completed their 360 Degree Assessment, apc is also able to provide one-on-one coaching sessions. During the session, the coach will walk through the findings of the Assessment with the participant. Together, the participant and coach will work to build a specific and measurable action plan for the participant to work on.

Ultimately, key themes will emerge from coaching sessions and Leadership 360 Assessments with multiple participants. These themes may highlight skill gaps or areas for development, either for individual participants or for the organization as a whole.

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