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Leadership 360 Assessment & Development

Every business and government entity stands to gain from integrating Leadership 360 Assessment & Development for their teams. Leadership 360 Assessment gathers anonymous insights from various colleagues interacting directly with the assessed individuals. This feedback is customized for each person, aiding in skill enhancement, pinpointing growth areas, and leveraging their strengths.

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“apc’s Leadership 360 Assessment & Development program is transformative. It illuminated our staff’s strengths and areas for growth, honing their abilities and ultimately boosting our operational efficiency and team engagement.” – apc Financial Institution Client.


The Leadership 360 Assessment isn’t designed to gauge leader performance in relation to pay or promotions. Its fundamental goal is developmental, providing leaders with straightforward and constructive feedback. By obtaining this unbiased perspective on their actions and demeanor, leaders can harmonize the gap between their self-perception and external observations, fortifying their strengths and addressing growth areas.

Furthermore, this assessment aids upper management in understanding how they can better support their leaders, leading to optimized leadership potential. This invariably uplifts the overall business performance and impact.

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  • Assessment Customization: apc partners closely with clients to identify core competencies that resonate with the organization’s distinct culture, suggesting pertinent questions for inclusion. This Leadership 360 Assessment is integrated into our digital platform.
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  • Training & Workshops: We typically advocate for training of all individuals partaking in the assessment process. This ensures constructive and impactful feedback. Additionally, we host workshops for participants, elucidating how they should interpret and utilize the feedback.
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  • Feedback Collection: The anonymous Leadership 360 Assessment is shared with colleagues closely working with the leader being evaluated, including peers, subordinates, and superiors. They provide insights on aspects like leadership prowess, communication skills, teamwork, and specific professional competencies. Leaders also self-assess for a comparative perspective.
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  • Data Analysis: Post-assessment, apc delves into the feedback, pinpointing dominant themes and tracking alignment with the leader’s professional development objectives.
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  • Individualized Reports: Tailored reports are generated and presented to every evaluated leader. These reports encapsulate detailed feedback pertinent to their role and growth trajectory.
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  • Coaching Sessions: Integral to the development phase, we propose one-on-one coaching for each Leadership 360 Assessment participant. Here, coaches elucidate assessment outcomes, collaboratively crafting a precise, actionable plan with the leader.
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  • Overall Insights: Cumulative coaching sessions often highlight overarching themes, possibly signifying organizational skill deficits or growth avenues, benefiting both individual leaders and the broader organization.

Benefits of Leadership 360 Assessment & Development:

  • Enhanced Self-Awareness: Leaders gain a clearer understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, and how they’re perceived within the organization.
  • Boosted Engagement: Increased involvement and enthusiasm from leaders after receiving feedback.
  • Culture of Open Communication: Fosters an environment where feedback is welcomed and valued.
  • Identification of Strengths and Opportunities: Provides insights to help leaders fine-tune their skills and capabilities.
  • Holistic Talent Development: Nurtures talent at every level within the organization.
  • Talent Gap Bridging: Leaders can pinpoint and address any discrepancies between their skills and organizational needs.
  • Elevated Leadership Quality: Improves leadership abilities and qualities across the board.
  • Spotlight on Training/Coaching Needs: Pinpoints areas that might benefit from further training or coaching.
  • Operational Performance Boost: Enhances overall organizational efficiency and productivity.
360 Development Tips
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apc’s Leadership 360 Assessment & Development Insights

Provides HR departments across sectors with vital insights to enhance career development, performance, productivity, and engagement of their leaders.


  • Automated & Anonymous: Streamlined process for Leadership 360 Assessments.
  • Customized Dashboard: View Leadership 360 results tailored to organizational needs.
  • Targeted Development: Identify opportunities by group, role, or level.
  • Track Success Over Time: Evaluate the effectiveness of leadership development programs longitudinally.
  • Advanced Analytics: Real-time data visualization and insights for informed decision-making.
  • ROI & Impact Measurement: Link leadership development outcomes to business metrics, proving value and impact.
  • Individualized Feedback: Tailored reports for each leader, highlighting areas of strength and growth.
  • Coaching Sessions: One-on-one sessions to delve deeper into feedback and chart a path forward.

One-on-One Coaching Sessions Following Leadership 360 Assessment

Upon completion of the Leadership 360 Assessment, apc offers tailored one-on-one coaching sessions. In these sessions, the coach delves into the Assessment’s results with the participant. Both the coach and participant collaboratively formulate a precise, actionable plan targeting specific areas of improvement.

Cumulatively, these sessions often spotlight overarching themes from various participants. These insights can indicate potential skill gaps or developmental opportunities, benefiting not just individual leaders but the broader organization as well.

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