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Successfully implement your customer experience strategies.

ath Power offers strategic consulting services to all of our clients. We work with senior executives to develop, define, and implement their customer experience strategies and, overall, seek to ensure the maximum possible market impact of those strategies.

Depending on our clients’ interests, needs, and wishes, ‘strategic consulting’ may involve a combination of inputs, including competitive intelligence, a mystery shop study, benchmarking from prior research, ‘learnings’ from our syndicated studies, or other research approaches. In addition, we utilize our subject-matter expertise in every engagement, always deploying our ‘A-team’ to meet a particular challenge, and leveraging the industry and competitive knowledge gained from 20+ year history.

We are also available to act as ‘trusted advisor’ to our clients, facilitating in-house workshops with executives, participating in strategy meetings, or otherwise engaging directly with our clients during planning exercises and strategic reviews.

Why choose ath Power for your consulting needs?

  • Consultative Experience
    We have extensive experience consulting for many leading organizations.
  • Industry Credibility
    We are regularly sought out for our expert opinions and knowledge of the latest trends, and we have been quoted and featured in several publications.
  • Knowledge Base
    We have an expansive set of in-house research solutions to supplement our consulting programs, and we also stay attuned to customer behaviors and sentiment through our proprietary syndicated studies.
  • Thought-leadership Role
    We regularly present thought leadership sessions at industry events.

If you are interested in improving your organization’s performance and profitability, we are here to help you achieve your goals.  Please contact us at +1.978.474.6464 or request a free consultation.

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