ath Power Featured in Quirk’s as a Top In-Store Research Company

by | Mar 13, 2019 | News

What better to reach shoppers than in the places where they shop? In-store research catches consumers as they make critical purchasing decisions, and the insights gathered through related methodologies enable companies to make important choices about packaging, placement and more. As shopping attitudes and behaviors continue to shift, the landscape of in-store research will shift too, and a quality research partner will help ease this transition to a new consumer climate.

The following companies employ a range of methodologies to meet your in-store research needs – from the supermarket and beyond. From face-to-face techniques such as shop-alongs and intercept interviewing to tech-driven methods like virtual ethnographies and eye-tracking, these companies are well equipped to handle your in-store research needs.

We’re ath Power Consulting (apc) and we’ve been providing our clients with exceptional CX, EX and UX research and training solutions in the U.S. and Canada since 1997. We believe our purpose is to provide clients such an extraordinarily positive experience working with us that it leaves no doubt we will help them achieve the same within their own organizations. We assess, we align and we help our clients achieve: better customer satisfaction, enhanced user experiences and vastly improved employee engagement. Need a larger research department or more employee training? apc can be part of your team.

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