H2D Collective Launches with Aim of Humanizing Digital Transformations

by | Sep 16, 2021 | News

September 16, 2021 – Industry leaders ath Power, Bridjr, Engageware, Intel, JohnRyan, OptiFi and SLD have joined forces to create a new collective: H2D. An acronym for Human to Digital, the new group’s mission is to drive greater transformational value for brands through their areas of expertise, which include humanized engagement, immersive experiences, and marketing optimization.

“The H2D Collective was borne out of the fact that most digital transformations only scratch the surface of what is possible – and often miss driving greater value,” explains Jean-Pierre Lacroix, President of SLD. “Each member of the H2D Collective brings different capabilities to the table, allowing us to deliver an all-encompassing service that puts humans at the center of digital transformation.”

Through a wide range of curated services, H2D will help brands through the entire digital transformation process, with a focus placed on:

  • Improving customer and employee engagement
  • Resourcing digital transformation strategy and implementation
  • Assessment of digital program effectiveness
  • Channel strategy and optimization
  • Sales choreography and employee training
  • Digital strategy and content creation
  • Facility design and branding
  • Marketing optimization

Intel is thrilled to participate with the H2D Collective in delivering innovative products, services, and end-to-end solutions to the banking marketplace,” says Kathy Crumley, Global Banking Strategist at Intel.

To learn more about H2D and the members of the collective, please visit the H2D website here.

H2D is a collective of industry leading companies: ath Power, Bridjr, Engageware, Intel, JohnRyan, OptiFi and SLD. With each company bringing a different area of expertise to a project, H2D provides an all-encompassing solution for brands that are looking to transform their digital experiences.

Questions about the H2D Collective?  Please contact EJ Kritz at ejkritz@athpower.com.