5 Reasons Developing Employees is a Top Priority

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Blog

Managers wear many hats. When you look at their to-do lists, training their employees may not be at the top of the list, but it really should. There are a variety of excuses that managers use to avoid training. While these reasons to not train, or to push it off may seem valid, are they really more important? Take it from Henry Ford. Rather than focusing on reasons not to train, lets take a look at some reasons why it is so important.


1. Knowledge is power, but it also empowers

Training employees will not only improve their skills, but it will improve their confidence in their work that they do and their methods. When an employee is confident, they will start to become curious and want to step out of their comfort zone. This intellectual curiosity may have the employee starting to dig a bit deeper into their work. Maybe they will even start to enjoy what they do a little more! An article from BIGTHINKEdge states,

“agility and curiosity are key for employees to be successful. Often times, with agility comes a sense of innovation.” 

Empowering employees with knowledge will improve their performance and will get them excited to set new goals and take on projects that will allow them to exercise their new knowledge.


2. Shows employees that you care about them

Not only do you want your business to be successful, but you want your employees to be successful too. Victor Lipman, a Leadership Strategist, and writer for Forbes, has this to say regarding employee development,

“Taking an honest interest in someone builds loyalty.  Loyal employees are more engaged.  Engaged employees are more productive.”

When employees feel like they matter, they want to deliver work that shows that they too care about the company. Give your employees the opportunity to be the best version of themselves. It will make them feel good about their abilities and feel good about doing work.


3. Everyone is on the same page!

We know that our employees are working hard, but sometimes achieving goals is made a bit tricky when everyone is working hard but in opposite directions. Training gives employees a common platform to work from. When there everyone is given new tools and a new direction it helps everyone align their approach so they are working towards the same overarching goals. Putting the effort in the right places is the key to effective business.


4. Company synergy

Allowing employees to train on subjects such as teamwork and communication can have the most amazing effects on your employees. Imagine what would happen if your most skilled employees begin to fully utilize each other’s unique knowledge as resources. Training employees to effectively communicate with each other not only makes work more pleasant, but it teaches employees how to ask for help and how to contribute their unique ideas.


5. All part of the grand strategy

Sometimes, and especially in the busiest of months, it is easy to get lost in the never-ending list of tasks. At times, training does not seem like a priority. Employees are busy with work and it may be hard to think about them spending time outside of the office. Just like a plant needs water to grow, a business needs to be taken care of and nurtured if it is going to grow. What happens if you stop watering a plant? Or water a plant once and then never again? Employees are such an important asset and must be given the opportunity to build their skills, achieve their goals, and learn how to effectively collaborate with their colleagues. Providing training for employees is part of the bigger picture in the success of a business, and will provide fruitful results that everyone will benefit from.

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