Be Sure to Check these 5 Boxes When You Reopen

by | Jul 17, 2020 | Blog

As banks around the country reopen, there remains a great deal of uncertainty around how best to move forward. We’re all eager to return to some semblance of normalcy, but now is not the time for haste. Protect your customers, employees, and brand by embracing a proactive, sound strategy that inspires confidence in your business.

We’ve got five boxes you should check while you reopen.

Know Your Audience

In other words, talk to your customers. Just because you might have surveyed them at the start of the shutdown doesn’t mean you’re aware of their current concerns and questions. We all know the Covid-19 pandemic is unlike anything we’ve experienced and the guidelines for how to handle it changed practically on a daily basis. Now is the time for fresh insight.

Take the opportunity to evaluate your response to the crisis by asking your customers directly. Missed an opportunity to rise to the occasion? It’s never too late. Accept the feedback and use it to mold your future response.

Collaboration is Key

Yes, that means talking to your competition. In times of unprecedented challenges, industries need to be in lock-step. Steel yourself against uncertainty by collaborating with local banks in your area. You don’t need to be the first to reopen, but you certainly don’t want to be the last to cross the finish line. Discuss with your colleagues in order to develop your plan.

Clarity is Non-negotiable

In the absence of clear answers, you have an opportunity to set expectations and communicate your solutions to the pandemic-related problems. This is critical with respect to your employees. They are not mind readers and so might not envision the future the way you do. Remove any risk of misunderstandings or vague messaging by over-communicating. Be transparent with your team and model expectations in your own actions, behaviors, and decisions.

Condition Your Team

This means training and retraining from top to bottom. Remember, right now everything is new. Your team is capable of adapting, but also counting on your leadership to navigate this new normal successfully. Don’t let them down!

Refresh Your Operation

We’ve all experienced the need to reset ourselves for any number of reasons. Hitting the reset button on staffing is a smart strategy right now. Just because someone was an outstanding teller BC (before Covid-19) doesn’t mean they’ll rise to the occasion with respect to new guidelines and outside-the-box expectations.

Take a look at your entire strategy for sourcing and training talent; consider giving your whole Talent Optimization process a makeover to accommodate the new changes our new normal will bring.

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