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Clients are the driving force behind ath Power Consulting.  As the partner of choice for many of the most successful financial services industry organizations since 1997, our goals are your needs. Research, analytics and training make up the guiding platform that drives our passion to help you increase sales and profitability, build loyalty and advocacy, and deepen employee engagement.  Through collaboration and guidance, your business is our top priority, and we prove that with our actions every day.

Why ath Power

The financial services industry relies on ath Power to deliver trusted guidance and practical management.  Our team brings decades of success and hands-on experience in CX design, research, analytics and training and development across all banking lines of business.

Our clients range from the world’s largest banking and credit card corporations, to national mortgage and insurance firms, to hundreds of community banks and credit unions, seeking best-in-class support to assess and address your complex customer and business challenges efficiently and effectively.  We move quickly to take you from gaps and inclinations to goals and gains.  Our proven methods uncover key differentiating insights that will inspire you to push harder for action in the back office and lead to heightened engagement on the frontline, as your customers become your most ardent advocates.

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ath Power Consulting is the premier provider of research and customer experience solutions for the financial services industry. Since 1997, we have been helping our clients improve retention, build brand loyalty, drive advocacy and increase profitability.

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  • Sales & Service Consistency Across Your Institution
    Know the degree to which your brand promise is upheld at every point of contact through Multi-channel Mystery Shop Studies, Call Center Evaluations and Monitoring Assessments.
  • Actionable Competitive Intelligence
    Accurate knowledge of what competing institutions are doing in your market provides the foundation block for continuous growth and increased profits, and is critically important to maintaining and building customer relationships.
  • Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Advocacy
    Understand all aspects of the customer experience at your institution through the voice of your customer. Use this knowledge to help build brand loyalty and increase customer advocacy.
  • Key Driver Analysis
    Discover and implement the “must-haves” and all other dynamics associated with world-class service and high-end customer satisfaction.