Webinar: Happy Employees DO NOT Equal Happy Customers

by | Feb 16, 2022 | Events

Webinar: Happy Employees DO NOT Equal Happy Customers

For decades, business leaders have rested on the belief that Happy Employees will naturally translate into Happy Customers. But what if that’s no longer true? Or worse… what if it was never true? What if the metrics we’ve relied on have led companies down fruitless paths, costing time, money, and loyalty? In this session, we’ll draw a new line between Employee Engagement and Customer Satisfaction.

Join E.J. Kritz, EVP of Training & CX at ath Power, along with Staci Shedd, Head of Customer Experience and Employee Engagement at TD Bank, Rauly Butler, Director of Retail Banking at Mechanics Bank and Lindsey Ogan Chief Growth Officer at Citizens Bank of Edmond as they discuss the innovative ways they’re ensuring HR and CX are aligned.


March 2, 2022
2:00PM – 3:00PM EST

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E.J. Kritz

EVP of Training & CX
ath Power Consulting

Rauly Butler

Director of Retail Banking
Mechanics Bank

Staci Shedd

Head of Customer Experience and
Employee Engagement
TD Bank

Lindsey Ogan

Chief Growth Officer
Citizens Bank of Edmond

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