ath Power Shopper Pay Policy

ath Power greatly values its partnership with our Independent Contractor Mystery Shoppers. All mystery shops that are submitted on time and in compliance with our clients’ needs are paid in accordance with our Shopper Pay Policy reviewed here. Please make sure to read this policy as the answer to your question will likely be covered here.

In the rare event that you cannot find the answer to your question within our Shopper Pay Policy, please submit a shopper support ticket as directed in the QUESTIONS/CONCERNS/ISSUES section at the bottom of this page. Phone calls and direct emails will not be answered or returned on these issues; only those submitted via our ticket system will be addressed.

What shops will I be paid for?

If all shop requirements have been met as explained in the requirements and the Independent Contractor Agreement, you will be paid on the correct payment cycle. Should an evaluation form be missing, require additional details, or be in need of any further considerations, an ath Power team member will contact you via email or phone call to address the issue(s). The shop will not be considered complete and its record will not be submitted for payment until all issues have been resolved. Payment is made for the total fees of all shops completed in the respective time period as explained in the section on payment timing, in one check or e-payment sent to the personal information listed in your profile on aNET. Shoppers must keep their information up-to-date to ensure receipt of their payment.

How will I be paid?

After you have registered as an ath Power shopper and completed your first shop assignment, you will receive an email from which will include a secure link providing set-up instructions for e-payment. You will receive this email from either mid-month or at the end of the month, based on the payment cycle listed below for your completed shop. This service is completely free of charge. If you do NOT wish to sign up for e-payment, simply delete the invitation and you will be paid by check (sent to the address in your aNET profile). You will continue to receive future emails from on a monthly basis in the event you wish to establish e-payment. You may disregard these emails if you wish to continue to be paid by check.

How do I change my payment method?

If you are currently paid by check and would like to establish e-payment, simply accept the monthly invitation and follow the set-up instructions for e-payment. If you are currently paid by e-payment and would like a paper check, simply unlink your account within Please make certain that the information within your aNET profile is up-to-date, as all checks will be mailed to this address. If a check is sent to an outdated or incorrect address, we must wait for the check to be returned to before we are able to issue a replacement.

When will I be paid?

Payment for your shops will automatically be submitted to approximately 30 days after the last day of each of the two ‘Shop date/report submitted’ cycles below. Payments are released two times per month as shown in the example below.

Shop date/report submitted:     Payment submitted to          Payment received by:     

1st – 15th   of January                     On or around the 15th of February         *On or around March 1st

16th – 31st of January                     On or around the 28th of February         *On or around March 15th

*Payment received by:” allows 5 days for to process payments and 7-10 days for mailing. This is the ‘Paid on Date’ you will see in aNET, however this may not be the exact date that the funds reach you. This applies to both payment methods; however, e-payment will generally be faster. These dates are estimations based on typical processing times, but the exact date that you receive payments may vary for each pay period.

How will I know when specific shops have been paid?

Log on to your personal shop log in aNET and click on the down arrow on the far right side of each shop under the Expand/Collapse All column. If we have issued payment for your evaluation, it will say “Paid On:” and show a date directly above the shop fees. This date is not necessarily the date that you will receive the funds, as this will depend on postal delivery times for mailed checks and bank processing time for electronic payment. If the area above the shop fees is blank, then we are still processing your shop or your evaluation is not yet eligible for payment.

To sort your shops chronologically, open your Shop Log page.  Make sure to select ANY under the Status/Job ID column to see ALL shops.  Under the Shop/Due Date Column, click on the down arrow to turn it Red.  Now all shops can be seen from newest to oldest.

Are my payments specified individually?

No. If you conduct more than one evaluation during a pay period, we will combine those into one payment. It is your responsibility to keep detailed records of payments due to you so that you can reconcile what is sent via with what you are due to be paid.

My shop log says that I have been paid, but the payment has not shown up yet. What should I do?

Please contact via the Chat or Email option within the Support module on their website to see whether they have received submission for payment.  If confirms that your payment was released and you are paid by check, please check that your address in aNET is correct, and confirm with that this address is the one to which payment was mailed.  You may also verify this address yourself within your profile.  If you are paid by e-payment, please check that your bank account information with is correct.  Our policy is that if your mailing address is not up-to-date in aNET and payment is mailed to an incorrect (OLD) address, then we do not pay those funds until the funds are returned to our account by  This policy also applies to payments made by e-payment, as we do not have control over the maintenance of bank account information in  We will be notified by of the returned funds in approximately 30 days from the date of the payment.  At this time, payment will be re-issued to your correct address or correct bank account.  NOTE:  If your mailing address to which the check was sent is correct, then we may advise waiting an additional day or two due to potential delays by the US Postal Service.  If has NOT received submission for payment, please follow the steps in the section on questions/concerns/issues and if the error has occurred on our end, we will instruct to resend the funds as soon as approved.

I am having difficulties accessing my account. What should I do? will best be able to assist with problems regarding account access and website navigation.  The best way to reach them is through the Chat or Email option within the Support module located on the bottom right hand side on their website,

What information do I need to keep up-to-date and in which site?

All profile information must be kept up-to-date within aNET.  This information will overwrite any information in, so it’s very important that you maintain the following in aNET:  First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, Email Address, Social Security Number, Telephone Number, and Mailing Address.  Payments made by check will be sent to the address within your profile in our aNET system and NOT within  Payments made by e-payment will be sent to the bank account that you’ve established within  All profile information related ONLY to bank and payments must be maintained and kept up-to-date in

What is the relationship between ath Power and

ath Power and are not affiliated in any way. Through this service ath Power Consulting pays who then pays you directly through auto transfer (ACH). ath Power Consulting has no liability regarding payment issues stemming from’s payment process, which relies solely on accurate data submitted and maintained in your shopper page on aNET. Should any issues arise with ACH payments, they should be directed to ONLY and they should be considered FULLY RESPONSIBLE for payments. By signing up for e-payments through you agree to not hold ath Power Consulting responsible for ANY issues regarding failed e-payment delivery and will follow up with for any problems that may arise. Should you have any questions regarding your e-payment, you can reach Customer Support by going to and clicking SUPPORT from the bottom of any page. You’ll be able to chat, send secure email, including attachments, or request a call back.’s hours are 5 am PT to 6 pm PT on weekdays. Or, you can browse their knowledge base to find the answers you are looking for.

What is social security verification?

ath Power complies with all IRS rules and regulations regarding Independent Contractors.  All U.S.-based mystery shoppers must provide Social Security Numbers (SSN) or Employer or Tax ID (EIN/TIN) numbers as a part of your application process.  Information received through our online portal aNET is encrypted and secured. If you do not yet have an EIN, contact the IRS and request an Employer ID number for your contract business and enter that number instead of your SSN. This is a simple process that can be completed by visiting the website and clicking on Employer ID numbers, or by calling the IRS at 1-800-829-4933.

IRS reporting and tax forms?

As required by law, for those shoppers earning more than $600 in a calendar year, ath Power will provide you with a 1099-Misc Income form for use in filing your taxes. Forms are mailed before 1/31 for work completed the previous year.


If you believe there is a discrepancy, please review your own records to resolve the issue before contacting ath Power. If the issue still cannot be resolved, please submit a ticket by clicking on the link below and completing the information in the form. Please do not contact your scheduler or other ath Power admin staff.  The fastest way to resolve a pay question is to submit a ticket.  This allows for the first of any available staff members to research your concern and be in touch.