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by | Sep 28, 2020 | Blog

Celebrated New England poet Henry David Thoreau wisely observed: “It is never too late to give up your prejudices.” During the past several months, Americans have witnessed increased societal unrest that has underscored a need for greater awareness and acceptance of one another, despite our differences.

For that reason, ath Power Consulting has launched a new training program focused on Diversity & Inclusion. Our goal is to help our clients create and then nurture a better working environment for their employees, which will ultimately enhance the brand experience for their customers.

The question is, does your team need Diversity & Inclusion training? EJ Kritz, our Director of Training & Insights, weighs in on that and more in this week’s blog post.

Investing in Diversity & Inclusion Defines Your Team

When it comes to tackling more team training, brand managers might ask, on top of everything else, can we afford to take on professional training for Diversity & Inclusion?

According to EJ Kritz:

“Frankly? They cannot afford not to. This goes beyond where we are right now as a country and goes right to the heart of where we are as a human race. The idea of employees having the desire to feel welcome, open, and included is nothing new. Their confidence to hold their employee accountable to delivering an inclusive work environment is. Despite a global pandemic and record unemployment, I believe we’re still in a talent war. The front-lines of that battle are Diversity & Inclusion.”

He’s right. If you want to drive top talent to your brand, investing in Diversity & Inclusion is non-negotiable.

Consider these statistics published by Rewardian, an employee engagement program platform, which evidence that Diversity & Inclusion Can Boost Employee Engagement:

  • 74% of millennials believe that their organization is more innovative when it has a culture of inclusion.
  • 79% of organizations say fostering a sense of belonging in the workplace is very important for their success.
  • 25% of employees recognize comfort as the biggest driver of belonging, wanting to feel fairly treated and able to bring their authentic selves to work.
  • 67% of job seekers said a diverse workforce is important when considering job offers.
  • Over 86% of job seekers say workplace diversity is an important factor when looking for a job.

The sum of these numbers amounts to the importance of Diversity & Inclusion training for your existing team, the talent you hope to recruit, and, ultimately, the type of customer experience you create.

At ath Power Consulting, we don’t just talk the talk; as Kritz explains:

“Diversity of thought and opinion has been a part of who ath Power is as an organization since its inception in 1997. Our CEO, Frank Aloi, has a leadership perspective I really love. Whoever you are… whatever you believe…you’re family. You have worth. There’s a place for you on our team!”

How does your brand embrace and demonstrate Diversity & Inclusion for your team and customers? Our Diversity & Inclusion training is designed to empower your existing team and help recruit top talent to your brand for a better customer experience.

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