Take Control of Your Credit Card Customer Experience

by | Nov 3, 2020 | Blog

We couldn’t agree more with American poet Maya Angelou, who once said: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This speaks to the importance of the user experience your company creates.

In this digitally-driven age, customer experience takes place online more than ever. That’s why it’s critical that the quality and integrity of the customer experience be consistent in all touch points. For example, take credit card companies and the credit card user experience consumers have come to expect.

Why Credit Card Customer & User Experience Matters

We were already living in a digitally-dependent world before COVID-19 arrived. The challenge that the pandemic presented placed a greater emphasis on ease of online exchanges as employees set up remote home offices and business transactions were completed on screen more than in person.

Additionally, the credit card landscape is saturated with competitors; distinguishing your offer from the rest of the industry is important to presenting value and connecting with your customer base.

Current Credit Card Customer Experience Challenges

Recent ath Power research revealed the following challenges, which should guide recommendations on how to improve the potential customer, the current customer, and the overall user experience:

  • Education is invaluable and often incomplete
  • Assistance with the application process should be easily accessible but often isn’t
  • Video is underused and underestimated with respect to education and engagement
  • Difficult navigation or navigational tools weakens otherwise strong content, leaving your message lost in translation
  • Non-English applications are often not readily available, isolating a significant segment of applicants
  • Applying should be simple for all applicants and single-page applications are preferred

Our Recommendations for Enhancing Your Credit Card Customer Experience

By reviewing the challenges, you can isolate what you need to do in order to support a stronger, more compelling customer and user card experience. The possibilities are many and varied; however, we think the following three recommendations address the biggest challenges for a better customer experience:

  • Content should engage your customers with appropriate visuals and education delivered on social media platforms. Comparing the perks of your credit card to competitors in a simple side-by-side presentation was another top feature worth integrating into your content.
  • Keep your navigation simple with additional features like a chat function readily available to your customers.
  • Be clear and concise with your application page, bonus points if you make yours easy to save and return to later. For inspiration and an example of a straightforward 4-click submission process, check out Discover.

For more specific guidance and recommendations tailored to your credit card customer experience, ath Power Consulting has research solutions with you in mind. Let us help you better assess, align, and achieve your goals to create a better credit card customer experience.

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